The Railyard Mountain Bike Park

What to Expect:

The Railyard Bike Park is a fantastic cross country mountain biking trail network located close to the center of Truro in the larger, Victoria Park. Riders can begin their ride with a long climb into the main riding area and finish with a descent back into the town center, or they can choose to skip the climb and start on the upper-level trails.

The Railyard has been designed with a variety of skill levels in mind. There is approximately 40 km of single and double track riding. Most of the trails have optional challenges along the trail, which allow beginners and more advanced riders the opportunity to ride together yet satisfy their individual skill levels.


  • Green Circle
  • Blue Square
  • Black Diamond
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Primary Trail Type:
Total Distance:
43.6 km
Total Descent:
902 m
Total Vertical:
130 m
Trail & Community:
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  1. Main

    The main Railyard Park trail entrance is located at 627 Young Street. There is ample parking as well as entrance mapping. This entrance is signed and easily accessible from Young Street. At present, there are no site amenities available at this location.

  2. Skills Park and Short Track

    There is also access to the Railyard from 645 Young Street. This entrance provides direct access to the Skills Park and Short Track Area. A bike repair station is also located near this entrance. There is ample parking in this area, but the entrance is gated and locked from dark until dawn.

  3. Wood Street

    Additional parking and access can also be found at the Wood Street Lookoff (212 Wood Street). There are also washrooms located at this entrance point. Each of the above entrances allows for mostly cross country travels.

  4. Victoria Park Entrance

    For a more intensive climb and access to amenities, consider entering from the main Victoria Park entrance, located at 29 Park Road. Here you’ll find public washrooms and access to drinking water. There are also other Victoria Park amenities in this area such as a playground, splash pad, picnic and rest area, walking and hiking trails. Accessing the trail network in this location will see you climbing through the main park area to access the mountain biking area.

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