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The McIntosh Run watershed hosts a unique trail experience combining grippy granite whalebacks, views to the ocean, challenging ledges and drops, and lush forest. The terrain is rolling — climbs are short but punchy. For years, trails here have been known to be some of the most challenging anywhere; that’s still the case, but increasingly there is something for almost anyone. This 20km system is evolving rapidly: Come back often and keep your Trailforks map at hand.


  • Green Circle
  • Blue Square
  • Black Diamond
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Primary Trail Type:
Total Distance:
22 km
Total Descent:
446 m
Total Vertical:
60 m
Trail & Community:
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  1. Northwest area, Spryfield

    Trailheads are on Alabaster Way (Osprey and Divide trails) and Mica Crescent (Spar Trail). There is limited parking in the subdivision, so please consider parking outside the subdivision near Herring Cove Road, and riding in on the Community Trail or roads.

  2. Southeast area, Herring Cove

    Trailhead is on Norawarren Drive with on-street parking.

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