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Keppoch Mountain is a multi-use trail network in the highlands of Nova Scotia. Sprawling over 500 acres there are 45+ trails, 35+Km, 219m elevation with 183m vertical. There are wide gravel trails and a Skills Park suitable for families and cyclists of all ability. The mountain offers lots of flowing single track and 8+ dedicated downhill trails for serious adrenaline seekers. Trails are well marked and maintained. Toilets and change rooms in the parking lot. Something for everyone!


  • Green Circle
  • Blue Square
  • Black Diamond
  • Double Black DIamond
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Primary Trail Type:
Total Distance:
35 km
Total Descent:
2064 m
Total Vertical:
183 m
Trail & Community:
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  1. Main Parking Lot

    Best option is main parking at 193 Keppoch Rd. 

  2. St. Josephs Rd.

    There is an entrance at the end of Big Allan and access to White Rock are from the gravel pit on St Josephs Rd. 

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