What to Expect:

The park is a beautiful network of tree lined gravel and clay trails on a 64 acre parcel of land. The park contains a network of nearly 6.5 km’s of multi-use trails that will take you passed farmers’ fields, wetlands and through old growth forests.


  • Green Circle
  • Blue Square
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Primary Trail Type:
Cross Country
Total Distance:
6 km
Total Descent:
12 m
Total Vertical:
8 m
Trail & Community:
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  1. Rotary Friendship Park

    Located in Summerside, the Rotary Friendship Park’s main parking lot is at 599 MacEwen Rd (between the Prince County Hospital and Walker Ave) .

    There are pedestrian and/or cycling entrances off of Colin Avenue and the Confederation Trail just east of Gillespie Drive.

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