Mountain Biker Humour

Mountain Biker Humour

On the east coast of Canada, we tend to gravitate toward humour. Fun stuff like the good belly chuckles you get after your riding buddy tells you a dry joke in the pub or drops a pun on you while you’re gearing up for a ride.

I’m sure we can all use a laugh these days. Cheers to helping each other smile!

Mountain Bike Atlantic Advisory Committee Members enjoying a pun-filled Facebook post:

Sam: While Canadians are stocking up on toilet paper and craft beer, the French are stocking up on wine and prophylactics, and the Germans are stocking up on sausages and cheese…this is the wurst käse scenario.

Adam: from another MTBer – keep crankin’ em out, Sam (eek, that was a bit of a stretch – but I’m here all day!)

Ryan: Don’t backpedal on your jokes Adam. (yep, mine’s not any better!)

Adam: we might have moved ourselves to the bottom bracket of jokes but that’s alllll good!

Sam: Get a grip you two, I’m not yanking your chain or grinding your gears, your jokes are a great derailleur right now, and I wheelie want to hear more 😉

Adam: I’d tell you to fork off, but I really like you lots 🙂

Sam: I’m shocked!

Andrew: I’ll play along, but it’s all about how you frame the jokes up

Adam: Time for everyone to get their bearings. This joke is played

Ryan: you spoke too soon

Sam: Dudes, I can’t dropper this post

Adam: If all this independent self-employment stuff falls through, we all have the option of being a travelling monkey roadshow!

Ryan: could be fun, I’d be pumped up for that

Adam: haha, this thread is two tired

Sam: I’m cognizant of that fact, so maybe we should tap the brakes and shift into planning out our new lives as a travelling monkey roadshow

Ryan: get a grip Sam, no need to do that just yet

You when your pedal hits your shin…

A few of our favourite mountain biking memes:

mountain biking, mountain bike humour, mountain bike inspiration

mountain biking, mountain bike humour, mountain bike inspiration

mountain biking, mountain bike humour, mountain bike inspiration

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