Blog Article Submission Guidelines

Ginger Route trail, Corner Brook

Mountain Bike Atlantic is a collaborative effort to promote our region as a destination for mountain biking. We aim to provide the mountain biking community with a platform to share their stories, products and experiences with like-minded individuals.

Are you a content creator looking to submit a video or personal project? An organizer looking to share an event in Atlantic Canada? Someone with a Mountain Biking story to tell? If you are – amazing! We’d love to see your work.

We cannot guarantee all submissions are featured, but following these guidelines will be your best shot.

How to Submit

Go to – fill out the form and submit your article.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for the committee to review your submission and suggest any edits before scheduling a publish date (should your article be chosen as a feature).

Articles should be no less than 200 words unless accompanied by a video.

What makes a good article on MTB Atlantic?

  • Keep it light – Our audience is passionate about mountain biking because it’s an escape, we’re all here to have fun and share our stories. Maintain simple language to ensure you reach everyone, particularly those whose first language is not English. 
  • Create content for mountain bikers – our audience is passionate and educated, please consider who you’re aiming to connect with. This is not an opportunity for you to sell products or boast about your riding skills. We are looking for compelling stories that engage, respect, and invites community.
  • Accuracy and above all good storytelling – the who/what/when/where/why is crucial. Any claims should be supported by the appropriate data, from people who are not being paid to promote it. Ensure you have permission to share content (particularly media), cite your sources, attribute your quotes, etc. Unsubstantiated claims will not be published. 
  • Avoid buzzwords and #hashtags – #theyaretheworst
  • Videos – please include some written copy to support your video content.
  • Give kudos – give proper credit where it is due to trail-stewards, communities, photographers or videographers, etc.
  • Limit outgoing links – we understand that some articles are supported by partners and credit is expected. We ask you to limit outgoing links to 1 or 2 per article.

Why was my article not published?

We’re committed to creating the highest quality content that is inclusive and accurate. If your submission does not align with these principles it will not be accepted.

Common reasons why an article could be rejected: 

  • Language – must be inclusive for all. Any racism, misogyny, hate speech or bigoted language or behaviour will be rejected.
  • Quality – We will always prioritize relevant, inclusive, well-written content that is authentic and compelling for Mountain Bikers. 
  • Media assets – Poor quality photo or video assets that are not formatted to fit within an article (i.e. short video snippets like Instagram reels, photos with huge watermarks overlaying them, too many vertically oriented images, low resolution, etc.)
  • Don’t be shady – plagiarized content, unverified product claims, affiliate linking or user tracking, etc.

Ready to submit a blog article?

Go to – fill out the form and submit your article for review.